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Sri Lanka, with its amazing beaches, beautiful Hill Country, eight Unesco World Heritage Sites, ancient cultures, tooting chop-choo trains is a visitor dream!

For Europeans looking for a new warm weather spot during the interminable winters, Sri Lanka is a couple of hours closer than Thailand and not quite as far as the Caribeean…

RoadMap : 

My story : 

My father was born end of the second world war. He started law studies in Sri Lanka and flight in the early 70' to London .He went back to SL to Marry mum in April 1975 and quit SL to go to india (delhi) , pakistan ( lahore) and iran (teheran) for few years until the iran revolution in 1979 (Argo). Then they joined Germany end 1979 until my mum get pregnant of me in 1981. My parents were missing their family and they also wanted me to born on the Sri Lanka Soil! So they went back to Jaffna in january 1982.

I was born the 2nd September 1982 just before the black July, my parents decided to leave the war country in april 1983 for Paris. I was 6 months old.
My brothers were born in France, and so after 30 years, this was the time to go back to discover our roots.

Thanks Abi :-)

Kandappu Mama's Family

Temple were my parents got married in 1975

Kotu Roti

My mum's house area....or what we can still see from it..

My mum's child friends

Mum's class

Hot water

Kandy's roof

Do you see the buddha on top of the hill?

Faculty of my dad

Budget  : 

Plane : 387 euros (cheap but worse airline company ever : saudi arabia , cf down why).
Internal Driver : 84 euros / Personnes ( 8 days/1200km/Petrol)
Hotel  : about 8e/night pp (mostly families for us)
Food : about 5e/per day

SL key dates : 

32.000 BC : Sri Lanka is inhabited by the Veddhas, a group of hunter-gatherers who anthropologists believe were descendants of a society that existed on Sri Lanka since 32.000 BC.

6th century BC: The first recorded Kingdom is established a north indian prince.

4th century BC: India's first poet pens the Hindu epic the Ramayana, in which the god Rama conquers Lanka and it's demon-god Rawana.

3th century BC: Indian emperor Ashoka sends his son and daughter to spread the Buddha's teaching.

1505: The portuguese arrived in the Island.
1602: The Dutch arrived.
1815 : And the British moved in quickly in 1802 officially taking handy in 1815.

1948: Ceylon becomes an independent member of the commonwealth six month after india, the 4th february 1948.

1959 : Widow Sirimovo Bandaranaike assumes her late husband's role becoming the world's first female prime minister in 1959

1972 : As a new constitution is created in 1972, it changes Ceylon's name to Sri Lanka, declares, once again, Sinhalese to be the official language and gives Buddhism 'foremost place' amount the island's religion.

1970's: Young Tamils begin fighting for an independent Tamil State called Eelam (Precious Land) in Sri Lanka's north. The strongest group becomes the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE).

1981 : Jaffna's Public Library, home to many ancient Tamil Works and a symbol of Tamil culture and learning is burnt down by Sinhalese mobs, galvanising the Tamil separatist movement.

March 1983 : The ambush of an army patrol near jaffna ignites widespread ethnic violence. Up to 3 000 tamils are estimated killed by Sinhalese mobs in what is now as the Black July.

July 1983 :  Following the riots  in July 1983, more than 150,000 Tamil civilians fled the island, seeking asylum in other countries like my parents in France.

1987-1989 : The anti-tamil movement ( JVP) launch a second Marxist insurrection, and attempt a Khmer Rouge-style peasant's rebellion in the country side. 60 000 people will die.

2008 : the government pulls out of the 2002 cease-fire agreement negotiated by Norwegian peace mission, signaling a single-minded  focus on a military solution. From 1983 to 2008, 70 000 will die.

May 2009 : The Bitter End with a bloody last battle at Mullativu. 10 000 of Tamil civilians along with the LTTE fighters were confined to a single stretch of beach.  Sri Lanka civil war end after 26 years of fights. Legitimate Tamil aspirations and grievances remain.


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