mercredi 20 janvier 2016

33 SUDAMERICA : From Ushuaia to Machu Picchu (with some little detours…)

For a while now, Marie’s travel dream is to see the antic city of the Machu Picchu.
David’s aim on the other hand is to go to Ushuaia, the most southern city of the World.
Good thing these two are on the same continent. And we have never been to South America. So let’s go !

Wedding Organization finalized as we wanted and Marie’s Phd in the pocket, here is the right time to do it ! Let travel from Ushuaia to Macchu Pucchu !

According to different prices and dates, we decided to fly from Paris to Rio and a return from Lima to Paris. Here are the detours !

The preparation part has been pretty… quick. After booking the long flights, we booked the internal flights in Argentina. Distances are so huge that it is difficult to do everyhting by bus (but we had to take some… we will come to that later !).
So before leaving, we booked a flight to see the Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, the patagonia area and the white triangle in the North of Argentina. The rest of the travel (Perou and Bolivia), we’ll see it once we get there, according to the weather and changing plans. It will be mainly buses and hostels, so pretty flexible.

Here is a global picture of our travel and then a description for each part.


Chapter 1 : Brasil : Rio to Iguazu fall

Chapter 2 : Argentina Capital : Buenos aires (and a leap to Urugay !)

Chapter 3 : Patagonia and Tierro del(s) Fuego(s) : Ushuaia, El Calafate, El Chaltein

Chapter 4 : White Triangle : Salta – San Pedro to Atacama – Uyuni

Chapter 5 : Bolivia : from Potosi to Lake Titicaca

Chapter 6 : Peru: from Titicaca to the Machu Picchu

Chapter 7 : Peru : From Puerto Maldonado to Nasca and Ica